Teaching Argument Writing, Secondary Grades

Facilitators: Katie Kline

This course uses the National Writing Project's College, Career and Community Writing Program to improve students' argument writing skills. 

This course is designed for educators to develop the dual roles of writer and writing teacher. The primary objective of the course is for participants to submit for publication writing that grows out of their own teacher inquiry projects. Participants must identify their area of inquiry prior to being admitted to the course. Class time will be spent writing, revising, receiving and offering feedback to other participants. Guest presenters will include other published educators. Contact the GKCWP for more information on our courses.

Seminar in Professional Writing

(3 hours)​ 

The Invitational Institute brings together outstanding teachers of writing who work with diverse students in all academic content areas, kindergarten through college. The GKCWP welcomes nominations for the Summer Institute year-round.

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Teachers Teaching Writing: 

Summer Invitational Institute

ENG (3 or 6 credit hours)

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Monday, June 11th - Friday, June 29, 2018
Lead Facilitator: Ted Fabiano

Participants will engage in conversations, review recent research, and apply a rubric to score secondary students’ writing as part of a regional scoring conference. Discussion and analysis will focus on the three primary criteria: creativity, technical skill, and personal vision or voice. Additional topics covered will include interrater reliability, equity, and differences between holistic and analytic rubrics.  

Scoring Student Writing 

Grades 7-12
Facilitator: Katie Kline

This course will prepare career and technical educators to improve student learning, identify workplace literacies, and develop leadership skills. REGISTRATION CLOSED


Literacy Th@t Works

Facilitators:  Katie Kline, Ted Fabiano & Lisa Burgess

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