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Ted Fabiano, Invitational Summer Institute Coordinator 

What are the Benefits?


The Summer Invitational is designed to be a transformational educational experience. Participants will grow as writers, teachers, and leaders who become part of a supportive local and national community of professionals.

Who Should Apply?


The Summer Institute is not just for teachers of English. As participants discuss issues of diversity and equity, it is important that the voices of educators and administrators from varied communities, grade levels, disciplines and experience levels are represented.


How Does it Work?


The Summer Institute is a collaborative three-week workshop in which participants reflect on their teaching practice, gain access to new teaching strategies, and explore current research. Participants engage in writing activities that encourage understanding of current social issues and invite teachers to recognize their role as leaders effecting change.

Each day includes scribe notes of the previous day's events created and shared by a fellow, writing experiences, Teacher Inquiry Workshops designed and shared by participants, reading of professional literature, and time for discussion, reflection, and group response to writing assignments.

In this era of increased pressure on educators to test and perform to a set of imposed standards, the Summer Invitational provides an opportunity to experience the autonomy, respect, and true collegiality they are often missing in the professional development programs they usually encounter. It provides an environment that allows educators to challenge themselves as writers, teachers, thinkers, and citizens, and to grow as a result.

What is It?

The Summer Institute is a key component of the National Writing Project. This program, which has evolved from the model initiated by Jim Gray in 1974, provides productive professional development in the teaching of writing based on the premise that "successful teachers make the best teachers of other teachers." Diversity, relevance, and access are the guiding principles of The Greater Kansas Writing Project's Summer Invitational.